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Spectacular results require consistency in thought and action topped with a well-defined strategy. Our approach to Content-Based Marketing (CBM) ensures you gain visibility, credibility, market insight, and engagement with the power of original research. The results are straightforward marketing qualified leads with intent.

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Thought Leadership

Custom researched content focused on the current state of your target market and insights from Industry Leaders.

Brand Visibility

Winning Content aimed at positioning your platform as an ideal solution. 

Market Insights

Evident-based insights on emerging trends and best practices around your target segment that ensures brand recall

Engaged Prospects

Content that creates trust and improves engagement with prospects via interviews and surveys.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Targeted content downloads ensuring qualified leads and improved sales funnel.

Recurring ROI

Branded content that can be repurposed in multiple formats to expand reach through various channels.

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Product Marekters
As a Product Marketer, your focus is on translating technical details of your product into benefits for the user. Additionally, you seek to promote your product and generate targeted leads to fuel every stage of the sales funnel.
Here is what we have for you:
  • Top-of-the-Funnel Leads generated out of In-content Ads strategically placed across out highly engaging technology insight reports.
  • Intent-Based Leads that are generated for you through exclusive whitepapers focusing your solution as an ideal platform.
  • Evaluation Stage Leadsthrough downloads of Buyer Guides focused on feature, pricing, and usage level comparison.

For more details on how we can kick start your lead engine, schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

Client Testimonials

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  • Bechmark Report

    We want marketers in the GCC to refer to this study as a benchmark report while measuring and creating consumer engagement strategies.

    Bechmark Report
    Avlesh Singh
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Fantastic Job

    Research NXT did a fantastic job by creating one of the most comprehensive research on ABM for the Indian Market.                     

    Fantastic Job
    Shesha Rao
    Former MD, India Ops
  • First In Class

    The report displays a huge scope of adoption of the Marketing Automation Solutions that many Indian Marketers are yet to discover.

    First In Class
    Kalpit Jain
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