State of Consumer Engagement Survey, GCC 2019


New-age consumers are evolving from being informed and aware buyers to being designers and creators of their user journeys. This massive shift is underway owing to consumers’ access to sophisticated digital technologies and on-demand data on products, services, brands, markets, and trends for both present and the predicted future. Brands, until now that have controlled engagements and experiences based on consumer behaviors, must acknowledge the changing buying landscape and incorporate innovative marketing technologies to deliver on the evolving customer expectations.

The GCC market and the buyer community is no different. Digital transformation in the region is at an accelerated pace as mobile and internet penetration here is among the highest in the world. Consumer enablement and engagement needs are challenged every passing day, forcing brand marketers to rethink their strategies.

This study commissioned by WebEngage delves deep into the actual engagement metrics to understand and explore the present state of consumer engagement in the GCC market and create a benchmark and framework for future-ready B2C marketers to serve the buyers with hyper-personalized and contextual experiences that consumers wouldn’t be able to ignore. 


What can you expect in the report?

The current state of user engagement in the GCC region which includes: 

  • Most preferred channels for Consumer Engagement in GCC by Marketers and Consumers.
  • Industry-wise breakdown of most preferred channels for Consumer Engagement by Marketers.
  • Device adoption trends for brand engagement within the GCC region.
  • Communication trends with a focus on most preferred types of communication messages.
  • And most preferred time to communicatate.
  • Brand Engagement Drivers and challenges from both the Marketer and Consumer perspectives.
  • Plus, Brand Engagement Metrics Used by Marketers in the region.
  • Finally, top recommendations for making a mark in the GCC region from all the expert inputs from marketing leaders practicing in the GCC region and the insights derived from the study.

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